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Physician Spotlight on Dr. Richard D’Agostino

What is your practice philosophy?

I have devoted my practice to the care and treatment of athletes and their injuries. I have treated athletes at all levels, including collegiate, professional, and Olympic men and women.

I am attentive to their injuries and their goals as an athlete, no matter what level. Spending enough time with the patient allows you to diagnose and treat at the highest level of care. Getting patients back on the field is as important to me as it is to them.

What made you choose to become a sports medicine specialist?

I became a sports specialist because of my past history. I’ve been involved in sports my whole life, as a participant and a spectator. As I went through my orthopedic training, I gravitated to the sports patient and their injuries.

Caring for the sports patient through the use of biologics is of great interest.  Cartilage transplant, stem cell treatment and new treatment options are already here but emerging as current practice options. We’ve also gone back to the basics for some treatments, such as ACL repair, with the use of new technologies.

How do you stay current in your field?

I’m always reading the latest knowledge updates in the literature but stay current by always questioning my peers and colleagues as to their techniques and guidelines. Staying current is very important in this ever-changing field.

What are your personal interests?

My family and new granddaughter are always my focus in life. My passion is playing ice hockey. I started playing over 20 years ago because my two boys were playing youth hockey. I also coached the varsity hockey team at Cold Spring Harbor High School. Now I’m totally hooked. Playing twice a week through the winter at an outdoor rink is my happy place. When the snow comes down while we’re playing makes it even better!